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Yilong Habiliment Limited Company of Xinji County is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, and the Shi-De Road, the Shi-Huang Road cross the city center. So the traffic is convenient. The area of our company is 25 Mu, the area of production workshop is more than 5,000 square meters, and the area of living and office buildings is 7,000 square meters. The company mainly designs and processes the cloth for every walk of life, such as habiliment, hat, leather, and glove. And it is the appointed enterprise for public security bureau, judiciary and railway department. Our company has the abundant manufacture experiences for habiliments and hats and knows the vocational standards. There are more than 500 skilled workers, 50 specialized technicians includes twenties persons with junior college degree. The technique power of our company is abundant and there are many expert equipments for cloth. The company makes use of the CAD system in PGM company of U.S.A from sampling, designing, patterning to cloth materials. This equipment has a large digital apparatus and the STREAM made in Italy, a 1.8M large plot apparatus of spewing ink, which can accomplish fabricating quickly and accurately. The company fetches in the agglutination equipment from Britain, opening-bag equipment and knot equipment form Japan, sleeve equipment from Germany, and double slide fasteners equipment, auto-embroider equipment and other advanced manufacture equipments. There are several great habiliment product lines. And the output in every year is hundreds of thousands sets of habiliments and several millions of hats that can make to product for batches. During manufacture, the company administers strictly the vocational standard and the ISO9001 management system. The company has manufactured hundreds of thousands sets of police-habiliments and railway-habiliments, and several million police-hats and railway-hats for public security office or judiciary and railway office in eighteen provinces. All of these have never quality problem and our company is praised by the customers. The company complies strictly with the national law, keeps the peace for management, abides by the contract, and never breaches of faith and law from founded. The company tenet is " Exist based on quality, develop based on credit. Administer strictly vocational standard and provide the perfect productions and service for customers." The company provides prophase consultation and service for clients, and the productions has the three pledges. Synchronously, we set up the service files for clients and promise that we will answer for the production quality for long time.

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